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About Our Historic Accommodations

The story of Alaska’s oldest continuously operating bakery began with the arrival of emigrant Gus Messerschmidt from Austria in 1898. Like the current owners, the Messerschmidt family resided above the bakery in an apartment. Gus passed away in 1938, but some guests, particularly early risers, claim to glimpse the former owner keeping a friendly, watchful eye over things at the inn.


The historic façade that characterizes the inn was added in 1914. The three-story concrete building house the retail bakery on the first floor and apartments on the second and third floors. Presently operating as both a bakery and a restaurant, the Silverbow is still one of the largest kitchens in Juneau making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for locals and tourists daily.

The building was purchased by Jill Ramiel and Ken Alper in March 1997 with the intent of restoring the bakery to its full, former glory. They shipped in bagel-making equipment from Seattle, and on June 4th 1997, Alaska’s first traditional bagel bakery was opened. Silverbow Bakery has become a Juneau icon, a gathering place for good friends and good food. In 2014 they added a wine bar to the historic inn lobby, refreshing this 100 year old space with a modern concept.

“The Silverbow is super fantastic. The hospitality is exceptional and all employees are so ready to be of assistance. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”
-Julie and John, Marietta, GA

“Time to move on from a very special place where the staff cares for the well being of guests and owners. …something profoundly right about the Silverbow Inn.”
-Karen and Peter, Concord, MA